Hackney Climate Strike Day 20th September 2019

Hackney UNISON are very proud to have hosted the Climate Strike demonstration at the Town Hall on Friday 20th September working with the NEU and other workers and trade unions. While school students have been striking since early 2019 following the inspiration of Swedish school student Greta Thunberg this was the first occasion that adults, workers, trade unions were actively supporting.

A crowd of maybe 1000, and the biggest demonstration in Hackney since the Poll Tax in 1989, assembled to call on governments and local authorities to do all they can to help avert climate catastrophe.

While UNISON would like to claim responsibility for the massive turnout we can’t! There is a global peoples tsunami now mobilising on this issue, and in the week of action it is estimated 6 million people took part in actions around the world. The vast majority of the crowd were not Town Hall workers but children and parents and concerned citizens.

In Hackney school students from many schools walked out or their school shut as they knew the students would be walking out! Many went straight to the massive central London demonstration but  younger school students came to the Town Hall with their parents.

Students from Clapton Girls, City Academy, Daubeney, and several other school students spoke on the mic and the Clapton Girls contingent led the whole crowd in a countdown to a raucous 1pm Ring the Alarm

We were very happy as well to have both Mayor Phil Glanville and Deputy Mayor Antoinette Bramble speak who outlined the many actions Hackney Council is taking.

All in all an amazing event which we were proud to have hosted and we believe shows the role trade unions can play in helping the community organise around issues of importance to them. 

The big campaign now must be to get Hackney to divest from oil companies from the pension fund!



‘Raise the alarm’: Hackney climate strikers take to the streets to demand change