#SickPayForAll petition

It shouldn’t take a pandemic to resolve the inequality of sick pay. But the threat of coronavirus shows why sick pay should be a day one right for everybody.

The government has listened to unions and temporarily removed the 3 day wait for many. But this doesn’t go far enough.

At just £94.25 a week, statutory sick pay in the UK isn’t enough to live on – and 2 million people don’t earn enough to qualify.

The government should introduce emergency legislation that:
– Gives every worker the right to statutory sick pay from the first day of absence
– Scraps the minimum earnings threshold for statutory sick pay
– Ensures that sick pay is paid to workers having to self-isolate
– Increase the weekly level of sick pay
– Provide funds to ensure employers can afford to pay sick pay, and provide additional support to those who miss out

Sign the petition at megaphone.org.uk/petitions/sick-pay-for-every-worker-on-day-one