Local Govt Pay dispute: Strike ballot result and survey

As you may be aware, our branch achieved the following result in the Local Govt pay ballot:

Turnout: 40.3%
Voting YES for strike: 88.9%

Although this is a massive improvement from our last ballot (only a 14% turnout then) and many of our reps deserve lots of credit for the effort put in, it is still gutting that a majority of eligible members didn’t vote whilst those who are prepared to fight for a better deal have possibly been blocked from doing so under anti-union laws (strike ballots can only be posted not done online, more than 50% of affected members must vote etc). We were less than 150 votes short of passing the 50% threshold, clearly showing how every single vote matters.

UNISON’s NJC Committee agreed to await the ballot results from our sister union Unite, whose ballot closes at the end of July, before confirming publicly the agreed next steps.

Nonetheless, it’s vital that the union at all levels – our local Branch, and the Region and National colleagues who organised the ballot – learn from both the positives and negatives of the campaign, especially why members may not have voted. As low pay and financial insecurities for our members are not going away any time soon, we must learn from this ballot in order to do better next time.

We’ve emailed branch members a survey to give your views on the campaign and why you did or didn’t vote. The survey is anonymous, and we need you to be as honest as possible. Please email us at hackney.unison@hackney.gov.uk if you haven’t yet received it. We’ll discuss the overall survey results and comments in our Branch Committee (reps and officers meeting) and also forward it to UNISON colleagues who organised the ballot.

It’s also essential we have active reps to help support and organise our members across all teams, services or workplaces, so do let us know if you’re interested in getting more involved.